School Programs


We design programs that address the needs and goals of the students from your school. While some students are able to groom, tack and ride independently, others need more hands on assistance and guidance. Therefore, our programs are as different as the groups who join us for various equine experiences.

Our programs can include any combination of therapeutic horseback riding, barn and stable activities, horse and farm related art activities and interactive games both on and off the horse.


Field Trips

Book a trip to the farm for Girl Scouts, Boy Scouts, youth groups, class trips-any group is welcome! We can customize a visit to meet the needs of your particular organization. Call 973-728-6376 to book your trip.


Homeschooled Kids Love the Farm!

Horseback riding is a unique activity for children who are homeschooled. The flexibility of the homeschooled child's schedule is ideal since we can offer private or group sessions during the morning & early afternoon hours when the farm is quiet. Horseback riding has been proven to:

*boost self-esteem

*build confidence

*develop patience and control

*develop & improve peer relations